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These losers can't blog!

Au Contraire. This is America, and we most certainly can. 


You're probably thinking that as a skin care and workout gear company that we have no business getting ourselves involved in blogging - most likely you are a blogger. This is fine with us because we have no intentions of quitting our day jobs and traveling the world writing masterpieces, but what we do intend to do is provide our readers with engaging content while putting our own twist on traditional blogging. 

It is true that you will be able to keep up on all the latest reviews of our products as well as get the inside scoop on how many bars of soap we can box up in 30 seconds, but the coolest part about our blog is that we will be having guest bloggers post right to our page! You will be able to take a unique look inside the minds of our athletes, employees and fitness professionals, who sometimes just want to talk about how much they love bacon Bloody Mary's. (Shout out to Texas on that one) 

Oh, and if you don't already follow us on Instagram (@wodwelder) be sure to follow and play along with our #wodwelderchallenge every Wednesday for your chance to win some of our products! 

There you have it. You just read a skin care companies blog post. This is exhilarating! Keep your eyes peeled for our next one because we have no idea who is writing it or what it's going to be about! 


- w.o.d.welder Crew