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The w.o.d.welder Referral Program

Hey Guys! 


In addition to all this awesomeness on our site now, we also have developed and installed our Referral Program, or often called an Affiliate Program, for people or businesses who are interested in promoting our brand and making some money while doing it! 

Upon signing up you will receive your own customer link you can use to post to social media outlets that will track your referrals, you will also be granted access to badges and other fun things made by us for your website. From your Affiliate dashboard you are able to track sales, access new badges, and even see which ads are working the best. We highly encourage you to give it a try, and have fun with it! 

Here is a fun little "How To" guide from an apparel company in Hawaii called Mauao Mauao using the same program as us: 


So you're an affiliate? Sick! Time to start getting Mauao Mauao out there so you can get some bucks and make it rain! Yeeeeeew

It's real simple and real easy, on your dashboard page you'll find your referral code. When the link below (your link) is typed into the URL bar it takes you to the Mauao Mauao home page, but this code is specific to you. So when you share that link and someone clicks on it and buys a sweet new hoodie (or t shirt or schlangers or singlet etc) you start making money!

If you fancy promoting the organic tees, just click on the Creatives tab then on the organic tees icon. Grab that link, share it and people who click on it are taken directly to the Organic Tees product page.

It's just as simple if you want to promote any product, just head back to the Dashboard and below 'Your Link' you'll find 'Link Options'. Click on Generate a Custom Link, and it will give you the URL http://www.mauao-mauao.myshopify.com

Open up a new tab and head over to www.mauaomauao.com and find those sweet threads you want all your friends to get, the URL will say something like


All you have to do is highlight whatever comes after www.mauaomauao.com (I've already made it bold and bigger up there so you know which bit) copy it, and switch back to your affiliate 'new custom link' page. Paste what you've just copied into the box and tap Create Link.

Now you can choose to take that link and share it, or shorten the link and share that. It still takes you to the same place!

So that's you sorted, get out there and start sharing your favourite new threads with everyone you can!



Join the w.o.d.welder Referral Program HERE