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Take Care of Your Hands!

Hey Guys, 

With the 2015 Crossfit Open coming up, hand care has never been more important or relevant. At w.o.d.welder we take this topic very seriously, not only because we specialize in hand care, but because we don't want to see rips happen! As athletes ourselves, there is just no place for it!

We cannot stress enough to you guys the importance of making sure your hands are adequately hydrated, and your calluses are smoothed down to a functional level. How you go about making both of these things happen is up to you, we just want to make sure you're prepared for the endless torture you're about to go through this season. 

When we speak about "hydration" in reference to skin care what do we mean? We are talking about the elasticity of your skin. As you can imagine, your skin needs to be extremely flexible in order to function properly. Throughout the day we lose some of the natural moisture that our skin holds, and we begin to lose it faster when we are constantly using grip enhancers such as chalk. We are not dissing chalk, we love to load up and clap our hands together just as much as you do, but when all is said and done we replenish the lost moisture in our skin with an intensive cream that we love. (Just so happens to be w.o.d.welder Hands as Rx). 

So, this Open Season be sure to do 2 things for us ok? 

1.) Keep your calluses at a functional level with either a callus shaver or pumice stone

2.) Replenish the moisture in your skin after workouts with an intensive cream of your choice

Good luck with your training, we'll see you at the top! 

w.o.d.welder Crew