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How To: Use shave soap

December 23, 2015

how to use shave soap

Hey Guys! 

Due to our recent release of our 3 types of Shave Soap I think a little educational piece about them is in order. If you are one who has never experienced the quality of using an actual shave soap as opposed to a shaving cream that you find in the grocery store, I highly suggest you at least give it a try. Without going into detail about the chemicals that are in most shaving creams - THEY ALL HAVE CHEMICALS. Those chemicals are harmful to your skin, and not something you want to be absorbed into your body. 

There are a number of great shave soaps out there that are produced using all natural products and ingredients that are beneficial to your skin and not harmful, crazy right? So, for those of you who are new to the shave soap thing, check out this awesome video by Michael Freedberg on how to use a brush and shave soap to get the best lather possible. Happy shaving!