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Caring For Your Skin Before and After a Workout

August 15, 2018

Caring for your skin before and after a workout

Whether you’re a gymnast, weightlifter, or a CrossFitter, you probably get sweaty on a regular basis and have a blast while doing so. Your skin keeps you cool and can end up taking quite a beating, especially the skin on your hands. It’s great to be able to grab bars and handholds throughout your workout, but you’re probably used to having sore palms and fingers.

While some discomfort is normal and can lead to helpful calluses, it’s important to keep a close eye on your skin and make sure it gets what it needs. Remember, your workouts don’t only test your muscles; they test your skin, too. You nourish your muscles with protein and supplements, and your skin needs to be nourished as well. At W.O.D. Welder, we have created skin care products that naturally nourish and protect, and they have taken the fitness world by storm. Today, we want to share some important tips for helping your skin out before and after your workout.

Caring For Your Skin Before and After a Workout

When you make the most of your skin care regimen, you avoid injuries and infections that can slow you down. There’s no reason for you not to improve your skin while you improve your energy and strength!

Go in with a clean face.

Whether you wear makeup or not, it’s a good idea to give your face a quick wipe before you start your workout. This prevents oil and dirt from the day from mixing with sweat and clogging up your pores. If you go to the gym, a pack of disposable wipes can do the trick. That way, when your pores open up during your workout, they won’t get messed up and end up breaking out.

Wipe off equipment/don’t touch your face.

We all know that gym equipment is a breeding place for bacteria, and even though people are supposed to wipe equipment down, you know not everyone does. Do your own disinfecting if possible and avoid touching your face to ensure it stays bacteria-free. When you’re sweaty, it can be tempting to wipe it off your face with your hands. Try not to do this. Instead, use a clean gym towel.

Clean your face and hands afterward.

Your after-workout routine will often be determined by how much time you have. However, you should do some level of cleanup. After your workout, give your face a quick cleanoff with a disposable wipe. Always wash your hands after a workout, too. Change out of your sweaty clothing as soon as possible and either take a shower or use a gentle cleanser to freshen up. Our bar soap is perfect for getting cleaned up, and you can depend on our Odor Crusher to keep your gym bag smelling great.

Use W.O.D. Welder Salve, Soap, and Odor Crusher

As people who enjoy an active lifestyle, we know the importance of skin care. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with skin tears, cracks, and other issues. We decided it was time to create products that actually met our needs, and W.O.D. Welder was the result. We are the ones behind the WODROD and the best callus shaver you’ll ever use — both products that can completely transform the way you handle calluses and other tears. Our Hands as Rx cream is already the favorite of gymnasts, rock climbers, and other athletes who deal with chalk and dry hands. This isn’t even mentioning our decadent soaps and natural Odor Crusher.

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