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Fight Blisters and Calluses with These Tips - Part 1

Without our hands, life would look a lot different. We probably don’t realize just how much our hands do for us on a daily basis, making it possible to live our lives. It’s amazing how much they can handle without getting worn out. And while we’re talking about amazing, we have to mention the skin on our hands. It gets pushed, pulled, sliced, and rubbed to the point of damage but keeps doing the best it can. That being said, skin isn’t invincible. Whether your hands get damaged by hard labor or hard workouts (or both), you can end up with painful calluses and blisters that not only make it difficult to work, they also put you at risk for infection and having to stop to recover.

At W.O.D. Welder, we got tired of patching together solutions and realized we could create solutions just for CrossFit athletes, rock climbers, and anyone else who wears the skin of their hands down on a daily basis. We offer solutions to prevent calluses as well as manage them when they happen. Read on for some tips that will keep your hands at the top of their game!

Make sure your grip is correct

If you’re gripping shovels, pull-up bars, and kettlebells often, you’re going to develop calluses. The key is keeping them to a minimum. How can you do this? Well, instead of gripping bars with the center of your palm, put the bar right into the crease between your palm and your fingers. When you grip the bar with your palm, your weight pushes excess skin into the crease, making it more susceptible to blistering and callusing. We also suggest that instead of keeping your thumbs next to your pointer finger or tucking them under your pointer and middle fingers, wrap your thumbs around the bar. This gives you a neutral grip that stabilizes your hand’s movement and reduces the friction that causes blisters and calluses.

Moisturize your skin often

The skin on your hands is very tough, but when it’s dry, it can crack and rip more easily. This is one pitfall you can easily avoid, so do it. We recommend you moisturize every evening and a few times throughout the day. We understand that different people moisturize different ways, and that is why we provide both hand cream and solid salve you can use to hydrate your hands and calluses. Stay on top of moisturizing, and you’ll be in much better shape!

Use tape, gloves, grips, and chalk

We understand that purists might ignore this tip, but there’s nothing wrong with protecting your hands, especially if you’re doing work or workouts that inflict high-volume reps on your skin. If you balk at using gloves because of how smelly they can get, W.O.D. Welder has solutions for that, too! Whether it’s a spray or a bag to insert into gloves, we offer what you need. Before we move on, we want to point out that if you use chalk, it can really dry your hands out and lead to tears. Instead of putting your whole hand into the chalk bucket, apply chalk carefully to the skin that will be in direct contact with the equipment.

Shop with W.O.D. Welder hand care for products that will naturally keep your hands going strong!

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