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W.O.D. Welder Partners with Florida GRID League

July 13, 2016

W.O.D. Welder Partners with Florida GRID League

The following is cited from the original Florida Grid League (FGL) article. 

GRID races often include big sets of high speed movements from the pullup bar and/or rings. As a result, they are tough on the hands.

Because of this we felt it important to partner with a company that can help take care of those hands and keep you in top training and performing condition. We are HUGE fans of the w.o.d.welder product and are all avid users. The Miami Surge athletes often rave about the difference it makes. It make a large impact in recovering from and preventing rips and tears.

Keegan Pafford, of w.o.d.welder states: “Calluses are functional and there for a reason, but when they get too big and dry – bad things can happen. GRID athletes, especially the body weight biased ones, are tough on their hands, so we thought it was a great partnership as the perfect relief for high volume pull up work.”

In addition to having a very functional product for our athletes, Wodwelder’s mission to positively impact their community is something we love to support as well. A portion of every sale of the “Hero Jar” hands as Rx cream goes towards the LinderKids foundation to help them with the costs of running their program.