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Full-Body Crossfit Workout For Beginners

Full-Body CrossFit Workout For Beginners

Author Bio: Andrew is the founder and CEO at Aim Workout. As a passionate fitness professional and triathlete, there is no adventure he won’t embark on. From mountain biking, deep sea diving, rock climbing and cycling to boxing and mixed martial arts, Andrew has a penchant for the wild and extreme.


Crossfit has made its way into fitness circles worldwide. Crossfit or the Sport of Fitness as it is now being referred to has evolved into a global exercise phenomenon. As people’s idea of fitness has evolved so too has fitness itself. Gone are the days of pure body building or strict athletic training, unless of course, you’re a pro bodybuilder or a pro-athlete. Today, the fitness paradigm is slowly shifting from a specialist approach of excelling in one aspect of fitness, to a more general and inclusive approach to training across the spectrum of fitness skills.

CrossFit contends that a person is as fit as they are proficient in each of ten general physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy” – Crossfit.com

Crossfit is all about varied, high-intensity functional movements. Unlike traditional bodybuilding, powerlifting or strength training protocols that emphasize specific movement patterns that train the body in a given way, Crossfit draws upon movements and exercises from various disciplines and sports that deliver fitness that is “broad, general and inclusive”(Crossfit.com)..

Crossfit’s success lies in its all-inclusive training formats and its encouraging community like classes and workshops. Anyone and everyone, including your grandma and grand dad are welcome to join and benefit from Crossfit. Unlike other specialty disciplines that require a pre-requisite level of skill or fitness, with Crossfit, you are welcome and encouraged to start wherever you find yourself. If you can only do ten push-ups, five squats, and a few pull-ups, well then that’s your starting point and don’t worry there are plenty of beginner-friendly workouts designed to help you build strength and confidence fast.

Before we get into the beginner workouts, there is some Crossfit lingo that you should be familiar with:

  •    WOD: Workout of the Day.
  •    AMRAP: As many reps (repetitions as possible)
  • Kipping: The favorite pull-up in the CrossFit community that allows Crossfitter’s to complete several reps in a short amount of time.

Here is what a typical Crossfit class looks like:

  •    Dynamic Warmup: Unlike traditional warm-up’s that involve running or cycling, a CrossFit warm up involves body-weight, functional movements or mobility drills of the movements scheduled for the day. So, if you’re WOD has pull-ups, deadlifts, and Squats, then you’ll do those exercises as part of the dynamic warm-up.
  •   Skill/Strength Work: With Crossfit, you work on different aspects of fitness on different days. Some day’s you’ll work on strength, others power and learning a new skill, but you can be rest assured that nearly every class will work your cardiovascular fitness.
  •    WOD: The workout of the day will be displayed on the gym wall and will tell you the rules for the workout. You will either have to complete a set number of reps of a certain exercise as fast as possible, or you’ll be given a time limit to complete as many reps as possible.
  •    Cool Down & Stretching: This is the time after the WOD where you’ll either fall flat from exhaustion or if you’re an absolute beginner feel like your body is going to collapse, and your stomach is going to fall out of your mouth in vomit.

Some Famous Crossfit Workouts for the Beginner

Most WOD’s are assigned a girl’s name. Why might you wonder? Here’s what CrossFit founder Greg Glassman reportedly said: “Any workout that leaves you flat on your back, staring up at the sky, wondering what the hell happened deserves a girl’s name.”


This classic is as simple yet effective as they come. With Cindy, you’ll have to perform:

  •    5 Pull-ups
  •    10 Push-ups
  •    15 Squats
  •    20 minute AMRAP (Which if you remember from above is as many reps as possible of each exercise in 20 mins).

The important thing to keep in mind is that there is no rest in between sets, so as soon as you’re done with your squats, you need to start over on your pull-ups.

However, depending on your fitness level, you can either scale up or scale down the exercises. So, if you can’t perform strict chest to floor push ups, you could try wall pushups or knee push-ups. The same applies for the pull-ups and squats.


Meet another beautiful lady in Helen: 3 Rounds for Time:

  •    400-meter run.
  •    21 Kettlebell Swings
  •    12 Pull-ups

She might look easy going, but she’ll put you through the ringer, especially if you’re not careful with your breathing, and you forget to pace yourself.

3. CrossFit Total

This WOD serves as an introduction to weight lifting for all Crossfit newbies.

5 Back Squats

3 Overhead Press

3 Deadlifts

Your three heaviest attempts for each lift are combined to give you your “Total”. That’s how it’s done in the games at any rate. However, since this is a beginner workout, it’s all about getting familiar with the lifts and learning proper technique.

Good luck and remember to be safe, have lots of fun and learn from a professional.