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Here’s Why You May Need Good Skincare To Train Harder

March 30, 2021

Here’s Why You May Need Good Skincare To Train Harder

Workouts test not only your muscles, but they also test your skin. Many of us nourish our muscles with supplements without realizing that we also need to nourish our skin. 

When you prioritize skincare, you can avoid injuries and infections which may negatively affect your exercise and gym performance. 

The following are things you can implement into your life which will improve your skincare. 

Wipe equipment and don’t touch your face 

Gym equipment is a breeding ground for bacteria. It is common etiquette to wipe the equipment when you’re done, but not everyone does this. 

You should aim to wipe the equipment before you use it to increase its cleanliness. Avoid touching your face before and after using the equipment to reduce the chances of infection. You should also always use a towel to wipe yourself if you bleed or sweat while you are at the gym. 

Good skin care is vital for personal trainers that have the experience of dealing with many clients. Good personal trainer certification courses should highlight the importance of maintaining healthy skin care as well as exercise routines that minimize gym injuries.

For those looking into a career in the fitness industry with a personal trainer course, it is important to review the latest personal training certification reviews.

Better care of your calluses 

If the skin on your hand gets damaged, it is likely to affect your daily life and work. Most of us require our hands to work. 

It will affect your ability to lift weights. It will also make carrying groceries from the shopping mall or even typing on your computer a hard task. 

There are two major reasons callus tears occur. The first is that the hands have little callus build-up. The second is that the build-up on the calluses is too much, so much so it’s bound to rip apart. 

There are effective implementations that you can take to prevent your calluses from ripping apart. You should aim to stop ripping your skin if you do this. You can also keep the skin sufficiently moisturized. 

Dry skin is more prone to ripping open. You can keep your skin moisturized by applying cream or baby oil at least once a day. 

An effective and easy practice is to keep your calluses at the optimal thickness. Sanding and shaving them will bring better results.  

Basic hygiene 

Basic hygiene is easy to observe. It also prevents massive problems from occurring down the line. 

Most people avoid practicing basic hygiene habits. Either they are too stressed or too busy to perform it at regular intervals. 

Before you start your gym workout, make sure that your face is clean. This will help to ensure that oil and dirt do not mix with sweat and end up clogging your pores. 

You should also make sure you clean your hands and face after your workout. If it is possible, try to take a show after each intensive exercise session. This will also make the drive or walk home more pleasant. 

Whilst workouts are good for the health and body, they also give the skin a beating. Workouts not only take a toll on your muscles, but they also do so on your skin. 

Consider protective gear for your hands 

When working out, you can consider tape, grips, chalk, and gloves to limit the impact on your hands. If you are heading for a high-rep workout, it will be a good idea to protect your hands. 

It will also be a good idea to protect your hands if you are about to attempt an exercise which you have never tried before. Whilst chalk can help save your skin from damage, it can also dry out your skin and cause tears to happen at a faster rate. 

You should only use chalk on the skin that will be in excessive contact during exercises. You should aim to avoid putting your entire hand into a chalk bucket. 

Take precautions during deadlifts 

Deadlifts are one of the biggest causes of serious skin ruptures. Because deadlifts involve a hefty amount of weight, a mistake can lead to potentially disastrous consequences. 

You should make sure that your grip on the bar is correct. This is the simplest way to avoid ripping your skin. This can be difficult to explain by word, so perhaps ask your gym instructor or fitness coach to assist you with this if you can. 

There are two ways to hold the bar correctly. The first is to seat the bar in your palm before wrapping your fingers around it. This can cause excessive skin damage in the worst-case scenario. This might leave you with pain in your hands for days on end. 

The second method involves gripping the bar with your fingers. This grip can cause the bar to pull the skin at the base of your fingers. This grip also has disadvantages. It is not secure and so in a worst-case scenario, calluses can develop in your finger joints. 

The following is a good grip that can prevent skin damage to your hands. 

Push the bar in your palm in the area where calluses usually originate. Second, whilst pushing your hand forward, maintain contact with the bar. 

Third, whilst pushing forward, bring your palm to the bar and wrap your thumb around it. Last, rotate the bar away from you once your grip is solid and wrist straight. 


As the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure. You must take steps to avoid your skin from tearing. This will not only make exercising comfortable, but it can also make basic skills like typing and lifting light everyday objects difficult. There is nothing worse than experiencing pain whilst performing basic tasks. 

It is also imperative to ensure that you maintain good hygiene. You should regularly hydrate your skin and keep it clean and free of bacteria. These are simple things to do, yet so many people avoid it. 

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