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How CrossFit Epping maximizes retail sales selling essential items

June 04, 2020

How CrossFit Epping maximizes retail sales selling essential items

CrossFit Epping, a gym in Epping New Hampshire, identified a need in their community for essential items such as hand sanitizer as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States. With regular supply of this popular item dwindling in stores around the country, they sourced the sanitizer they needed from us at w.o.d.welder, a fitness skin care company where they were already sourcing callus care products for their members.

By sourcing sanitizer from w.o.d.welder, CrossFit Epping (CFE) felt comfortable promoting a product from a brand that its members already knew, used and trusted. The goal of CFE was to be able to provide its members with an essential item they were looking for, a positive side effect was the amount of much needed profit they were able to generate in such uncertain times for their industry. 

In a span of only two weeks Epping sold 160 units of hand sanitizer, totaling over $1,400 in gross sales and $640 in profit. We reached out to the owners of CFE, asking if they would share their tactics for announcing the availability of the w.o.d.welder hand sanitizer to their members. They were kind enough to oblige when we asked about their marketing approach:

“Simple. FB posts and emails directly to our membership. This was all in the two weeks prior to shutdown. When drafting the copy we tried to make light of the fact that we're supposed to be selling gym memberships but have had to pivot to other markets. Generally we try not to inundate our members with posts/reminders to avoid the feeling of being oversold. At the end of the day we're selling gym memberships, but if we can provide an awesome and necessary product in high demand then we're all for it! Typically we'll send out one notification, one reminder and one follow up depending on the product being sold. On the second order members were able to preorder through a Google Doc. If I had set up an online store, that may have been a little more professional/seamless but at the time everything was happening so fast and we were looking to make the sales prior to shutdown."

COVID-19 has caused many businesses to diversify revenue streams. With the restrictions gym owners now have with adding new members and thus generating more revenue, it makes sense to utilize the widely overlooked avenue of retail sales. By providing your existing customer base with highly relevant items curated by you, the gym owner, you can expand your product offerings and your average revenue per member. 

“This is an awesome item to be able to offer our members and we're grateful for the opportunity to provide an essential product which was in such short supply. Also, as we move forward in this new landscape and look to reopen, having bottles available throughout our facility will help our members be able to participate in classes safely.”

With retail shops being closed or limited in many locations, some experts have cited pent up retail demand as well upon opening.  With a large variety of skincare products from callus care to hand soap, and a huge base of established resellers like CrossFit Epping, w.o.d.welder is a perfect partner for helping develop your retail revenue stream. 

Contact Us for more information or apply to become a retailer. We also offer an online affiliate program to help diversify your digital revenue stream.