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How to Care for Rope Burn

July 15, 2018

How to Care for Rope Burn

You can get rope burn while climbing, or a game of tug-of-war, but the most common causes for rope burn can be found in the gym in the form of battle ropes. These extensions of twined, abrasive fibers are one of the oldest fitness tools, and they remain relevant today because they deliver great results with low impact. 

A common injury you may suffer is rope burn; when the rope damages the skin of your hands. It can range from a mild grazing to a severe burn to skin avulsions that require medical attention. Either way, you’ll experience significant discomfort. Because a rope burn affects the top layer of the skin, it just goes deep enough to hit the nerves.

Rope Burn on Skin
We've experienced our share of rope burns, and we’re here to help it heal fast and give you rope burn treatment options.

Treating Rope Burn

If you’ve got a common case of rope burn, it should only have damaged the surface of your skin in a small patch. If the burn goes deeper and affects your hair or is bigger than three inches in diameter, it’s time to seek medical treatment. Otherwise, you can end up with permanently damaged hair follicles and sweat glands.

As long as you’ve got a common case of rope burn, here are the steps you should follow:

1. Wash your hands.

Even if your gym or box is kept clean, bacteria will be there. Once your skin is compromised, it’s vulnerable to infection, and it’s important to take action quickly.

2. Clean and Dry burned area.

You may have thought you were done with washing, but that first hand washing was just to get ready for tending to the injury. It will sting, but wash the affected area with antibacterial soap and warm water. This will dislodge dirt that has gotten into the compromised skin.

3. Disinfect the injury.

Do not cover up your rope burn without making sure you’ve killed all bacteria. Iodine or hydrogen peroxide will quickly do the job and ensure you’re safe from infection.

4. Apply specialized healing cream.

You can promote healing and keep bacteria away by applying an antibacterial cream to the disinfected wound.

5. Cover it up.

You’ve gone through all the unpleasantness of getting the area clean, so keep it free of contaminants with an adhesive bandage or gauze.Give the burn about 24 hours under the bandage. At that point, if it has started to scab, the bandage should come off. If it’s still raw, apply more cream and put on a new bandage.

6. Invest in Hands as Rx for the Best Skin Care

Ensuring your hands heal and remain healthy and strong is easier when you have natural, effective solutions. We created a rich, soothing cream that combats the effects of rope burn, chalk, heavy grips, and hard work.

This cream is also available as part of our specialized Rope Burn Treatment Kit.  This kit includes the Hands as Rx cream, our Salve for healing damaged skin and our antibacterial & antifungal bar soap.  Our products are made from all natural ingredients so you can heal your burns, calluses and cuts with confidence.

Rope Burn Treatment Kit

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How To Treat Rope Burn