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How To Get Rid Of Calluses On Hands

May 24, 2019

How to get rid of calluses on hands

How To Get Rid Of Calluses On Hands

Proper callus care is an essential part of any athlete skin care routine. Whether you do crossfit, rock climbing, or gymnastics, calluses require care and attention if you want to keep your hands healthy and in optimal shape. As time goes on and you become more and more dedicated to your practice, your calluses will build up—and it will become vital that you take care of them. Calluses that aren’t properly taken care of only lead to hand tears, so if you want to stay in the gym, you’ll need to develop an athlete hand care system that works for you.

There is one important thing to keep in mind: you don’t want to actually remove your calluses. Calluses are essential for protecting the skin. They form a barrier in high friction areas, protecting your hands from any physical aggressors working against them.

What you do want to do is maintain them by shaving them down so that they are in line with the rest of the skin. At this level, they are able to properly protect your skin without getting in the way of your workout. On top of that, calluses that are too thick can lead to hand tears, just like calluses that aren’t built up enough. You need to find that callus sweet spot if you want to steer clear of crossfit hand tears or any other athlete hand rip injury.

Thankfully, it is easy to implement a preventative athlete hand care system into your routine. If you are looking to take care of your calluses and keep your hands in top shape, check out the two major callus maintenance methods below.  

The Pumice Stone Method

Many athletes include pumice stones as part of their crossfit callus care routine. The stones have rough surfaces that are ideal for helping you get rid of any unnecessary dead skin. While they might seem like they can be harsh on the skin, the abrasive surface provides just the right amount of friction to be effective yet gentle.

You can find pumice stones at the drugstore, but it is important to seek out a high-quality option if you want to get the best athlete hand care results. Our Natural Pumice Stone is irregularly-shaped and much more porous than what you will find at the drugstore. Since ours are natural, they are more abrasive, more durable, and will last much longer. They are also free of any glue or gross synthetic ingredients—unlike most of the cheap drugstore varieties.

A pumice stone works best on skin that has been softened by water, so it is best used in the shower or right after you get out. You use it by gently rubbing it over the damp calluses, moving the stone in all different directions so that they are worked on from every angle. Since the calluses are soft, the top layer of skin will come off fairly easily, so you don’t need to apply a ton of pressure. You continue this process until the calluses are in-line with the rest of your hand, knocking or rinsing off any dead skin that builds up on the stone along the way.

how to get rid of calluses with a pumice stone

The Callus Shaver Method

A callus shaver is another popular option that many athletes turn to as part of their crossfit callus care routine. The w.o.d.welder
Callus Shaver is the perfect option for any athlete, because it is easy to use and has a protective safety guard that prevents you from shaving too deep. Maintenance is also easy, as the blades only need to be replaced every 2-3 months.

A callus shaver is safe to use on either wet or dry skin, so it allows for maximum flexibility. We do, however, recommend using it on dry skin, as you are more likely to shave off more skin than is necessary when using it on wet, soft skin. Dry skin leaves more of a protective barrier, ensuring you are shaving off the least amount of skin necessary.

You use the callus shaver by simply dragging it over any thick, overgrown calluses. When the skin builds up in the blades, you lightly tap it on a hard surface to knock it out, and then continue on with any other areas that need attention.

Creating a Athlete Hand Care Routine

Both tools are great for effectively taking care of gymnast, rock climbing, or crossfit calluses, so it really just comes down to personal preference. Some people use one or the other, while others may choose to use a shaver for larger ridges, and the pumice stone for smoothing bumps out.

How often you need to maintain your calluses will vary from person to person, but most athletes can tolerate some form of callus shaving a few times a week to keep them at the optimal level. By creating a consistent athlete hand care system that works for your needs, you will keep your hands in perfect shape, and you’ll be able to hit your workout of choice as often as you’d like.

Regardless of what method you use, you will always want to follow up with some form of hand moisturizing cream to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. If you are looking for products to round out your crossfit hand care system, check out our other athlete skin care
products. Our line is full of natural and innovative options that help crossfitters and athletes in any sport keep torn calluses at bay, and maintain their skin at a functional and healthy level.