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How to Get Rid of Foot Calluses and Corns

November 26, 2019

How to Get Rid of Foot Calluses and Corns

Our skin is extremely sensitive whether it’s of the feet or our hands. If exposed to pressure or friction on the skin it will harden over a period of time. These thickened areas of skin are known as corns and calluses. 

Corns and calluses develop naturally as they protect the more sensitive layers of skin beneath the surface. Foot calluses and corns are a common problem for all active people like athletes, runners, obstacle course racers, gymnasts, rock climbers, etc. They commonly develop these corns underneath the balls of their feet or between or on the sides of the toes. 

The major reason for the cause of these corns is wearing snug and improper fitting shoes. When there is a repeated high bone pressure against the skin on these areas, foot calluses and corns slowly develop. 

When calluses or corns develop on the foot, they become uncomfortable and often painful. Whether you have developed a hard, dry, soft or mushy type callus, it must be treated immediately. You can consult a podiatrist for the treatment of this foot condition. Alternatively, follow these best ways of treating foot calluses and corns if you want to avoid visiting a doctor. 

Pro Tip: Soaking the corn and callus in warm water daily for at least ten minutes will soften the skin. Thus, it will be easy to remove it by using a Pumice stone, Callus Shaver, or other callus removal tool. 

The four best ways of treating foot calluses and corns:

    1. Use a Pumice Stone

      Treating foot calluses and corns using a Pumice stone is an effective and quick way to get relief in case you developed one. Thus, athletes prefer treating their foot conditions using this stone. 

      The rough surface of these stones removes the dead skin cells from the affected area in your foot. From outside a pumice stone looks rough, but, after using it you will find a gentle effect on your skin. 

      When you go for buying Pumice Stones, you can easily find them available at any medicine shop. However, buying a high-quality Natural Pumice Stone that is porous is important if you want to remove the callus effectively. 

      Natural Pumice Stones are porous, durable and lasts longer as compared to the cheaper varieties selling everywhere. A natural Pumice Stone is also free from all synthetic ingredients and safe for your skin. 

      How to Use:

      Soak your feet in warm water to soften the corn and callus before you scrub using the natural Pumice Stone.Slowly start rubbing the stone across the affected area in every direction. This will slowly take off the upper layer of the callus. After rubbing for a few minutes, you will find the calluses leveled down. Clean the stone from any traces of dead calluses if it gets stuck during the process. 

      Learn how to properly use a pumice stone

        2. Use a Callus Shaver

          Another popular way of removing the overgrown callus is with the help of a callus shaver. The w.o.d.welder Callus Shaver is perfect for both feet and hands. This user-friendly product comes with a default protective safety guard. 

          It also has a stainless steel protective head and blades. This prevents you from accidentally shaving too deep. The maintenance of this product is easy and only requires replacing blades every three months. You can also use this instrument on any skin whether dry or wet. If you use a callus shaver on dry skin, the result is far more effective. 

          How to use:

          Using a callus shaver is simple and easy. Drag and start rolling it over the overgrown calluses on your foot. To clean the blades, simply knock it on any hard surface. 

          Learn how to use a callus shaver

          Develop a foot care routine

          If you take care of your foot by developing a routine, you can treat calluses effectively. Natural salves and creams are two great products that you can use after removing the callus either by using a Callus Shaver or Pumice Stone. These two are basically skin-care products popular among athletes to keep their skin healthy. 

          After the calluses removal, use the cream to keep your feet hydrated. You can use the salve in case of any cuts, ingrown toenail healing, etc. After continue use of a natural cream you will notice the skin on your feet becomes more pliable. Thus develop a foot care routine, use Callus Shaver or Pumice Stone for calluses removal. 

            3. Use a Salve

              Salve is used to repair the damaged areas of the skin. It is highly effective in treating skin conditions like cuts, burns, abrasions or excessive friction. Our Salve is made with natural ingredients like peppermint and eucalyptus oils and is never harmful to your skin. 

              Applying a salve on the affected area is a simple process. Twist off the cap and push the bottom of the tube to reveal the desired amount of product. Apply it directly on the affected area of the skin. You can apply it at least twice a day for faster healing. 

                 4. Use a Moisturizing Cream

                  Applying the cream is very simple. It has a natural composition and made with ingredients like water, beeswax, glycerin, lanolin, peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil and so on. These are extremely beneficial for your skin health to keep it hydrated and prevent it from cracking. Take a dime-sized amount of cream and rub it over your foot calluses at least three times daily for fast result. 

                  These are the best ways of treating your foot calluses and corns effectively.