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How To Heal Ripped and Torn Hands

April 01, 2019

how to heal ripped hands

Torn calluses are a major curse for any athlete. The healing time involved impedes your workout routine and rips can make it difficult to go about simple everyday activities. When it’s painful to carry your groceries, it becomes vital to heal the torn calluses as quickly as possible.

Before getting into the steps, it is important to understand the two reasons why hand rips occur. The first is that hands have little to no callus build-up. Calluses help to create friction, lessening the physical impact on the skin. Hands that are too soft and don’t yet have the protective callus build up are more susceptible to rips.

Secondly, calluses that are built up too much can also be prone to rips. As you continue your training and develop thicker calluses, without a skin care routine they will become more likely to rip.

Prevention with athlete hand care is key to avoiding the pain and nuisance that comes with torn calluses. If you are looking to heal torn hand calluses, these steps for hand rip care will get you recovering fast. Implement each of these tips, and you will bounce back to your workout routine in no time.

Steps to Quickly Heal Torn Calluses

  1. Wash Your Hands: It may sting, but an unwashed torn callus can lead to infection. Fight through the burn and clean the tear with warm water and soap to reduce bacteria.
  2. Trim the Skin: With a pair of sterilized scissors trim any loose excess skin. If left untrimmed, these loose pieces of skin can catch on something, tearing the callus even more.
  3. Disinfect the Tear: Apply a disinfectant like our Solid Salve, to ensure the skin is kept in the best condition possible. Our salve will help protect from infection while promoting quick healing through stimulating cell regrowth. Feel free to apply as needed until fully healed.
  4. Apply Moisturizer: The key to treating hand rips care is keeping the affected area moisturized. Dry skin can lead to more tears and a longer healing process, so moisturizing is vital for treatment and prevention.
  5. Bandage if Possible: If you have torn skin on a finger, apply a bandage to keep out bacteria and keep in moisture. Palms are tricky to bandage.
  6. Clean All Equipment You’ve Touched: Don't forget your gym etiquette! You’ll want to ensure any equipment you touched is sterilized for the safety of other gym goers.

Steps for Prevention Once You’ve Healed

Once you’ve dealt with the nuisance of ripped hands, you’ll want to prevent rips from happening again. Thankfully, all you need is to implement a few steps to take care of your hands. A preventative athlete hand care system makes a huge difference and it's easier than trying to heal hand tears.

  1. The first practice to implement is maintaining your calluses at a functional level of thickness. By sanding or shaving them down, calluses are much less likely to tear, and you’ll have a more comfortable grip. Hand care products like a pumice stone or a callus shaver, help keep calluses at optimal thickness.
  2. Equally important is keeping hands moisturized to maintain hydration. Skin easily loses hydration so regularly add moisture back to your hands by using a cream at least once a day. The Hands as RX Cream absorbs into the skin quickly, so it is easy to use any time of the day. Available in three sizes, you can toss the travel bottle in your gym bag and keep your larger jar at home.
  3. Stop Picking: If you have a habit for picking at your skin, take some steps to reducing this. Picking at calluses makes them more likely to rip.
If you want to keep your hands in top shape, check out our options for athlete skin care products. Our line of all natural products has helped thousands of athletes keep torn calluses at bay and maintain their skin. Heal up fast and get back to those toes to bar!