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How to Prevent Blisters on Hands from Crossfit & Weightlifting

January 03, 2020

How to Prevent Blisters on Hands from Crossfit & Weightlifting

CrossFit and weightlifting are popular forms of working out that require lots of gripping with hands. Doing these workouts regularly, you’ll get excellent results but may also eventually form a hand blister. Blisters on hands can be especially painful if they rip or tear off.

blister on hand

Unless you heal these rips, you have to stop working out for some time. Although gymnastics and athletes believe that hand blisters are common, they are better to prevent. If its too late to stop the blister formation, healing is still possible. Natural skincare products are also beneficial in some cases for blisters on hands treatment.

Tips to prevent hand blisters from Lifting or Crossfit

proper grip to prevent blisters

Hold firm, not tight

Weightlifting beginners tend to grip bars as tightly as possible. It is common to think that holding the grip tight is more effective. This is not the case and doing this can cause blisters. Therefore, make sure to keep your fingers relaxed with a firm grip. Follow this tip and you can prevent blisters and improve your form.

Remove rings from your finger.

If you wear rings, make sure you remove them or it will pinch the skin the moment you grab a bar. This pinch can result in the formation of blisters. Steel bars also damage, bend and scratch precious metal rings. Why damage your jewelry and your hands?

Keep your hands clean and soft.

Our skin is sensitive, especially in the area around our hands. Washing your hands is crucial, especially make sure to wash off chalk immediately after the workout. Chalk dries hands badly and is one of the primary causes for blister formation. You can also scrub your hand daily using a Pumice Stone. We recommend a glue-free stone like our natural Pumice Stone.

Use moisturizing creams

Make sure to keep your skin soft and moist by applying moisturizing cream like Hands as Rx Cream. Many athletes use this trick to prevent hand blisters as part of their hand care routine. Before you start a workout, take a dime-sized amount of cream and rub it with both hands. Creams such as Hands as Rx Cream are made with herbal ingredients like Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oil.

Wear Hand Protection gloves.

gymastic grips

Hand protection gloves are common and easily available in the market. However, most athletes and weightlifters don’t wear them regularly as not all gloves offer a good grip. It takes trial and error to find gloves that prevent blisters and equally offer a good grip.

You can also try Hygienic Single-use Hand Protection and Grips. If you do kipping pull ups or toes to bar wearing this grip, it feels like you are barehanded. You can also use tape or gymnastic grips for protection when you grip the bar.

Additional Questions

What are hand rips? 

Blisters from lifting and CrossFit increase the chances of them ripping off due to barbell friction. Most of the athletes come across this problem. If it happens, you need to make sure to heal ripper skin on your hands and prevent any further damage. All natural damage repair cream like Solid Salve are best to treat hand tears effectively.

Is callus buildup a major reason for hand rips?

Yes, it is true that callus buildup causes torn hands. A callus is basically a thick layer of skin which builds up due to constant pressure on your hand. To combat thick calluses, use a callus shaver or a natural pumice stone to trim them down and level your skin.