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How to Use a Callus Shaver

August 02, 2019

How To Use A Callus Shaver

How to Use a Callus Shaver

If you Crossfit, rock climb or do gymnastics, you know that a proper callus care routine is essential for avoiding pain and ripped skin. New athletes often strive to build up their hand calluses, because they play a huge role in keeping your hands safe. They create friction, which will lessen the impact of physical contact on the skin.

Once these protective calluses become too thick, however, they can become more of a hindrance than a help. Built up calluses are prone to painful hand rips, cuts and infection which will only set you back from achieving your workout goals. In order to keep your hands in the best shape possible, you need to create a regular athlete hand care routine. This is where a crossfit callus remover comes into play.

A callus shaver is a tool that many athletes turn to in order to keep their calluses at the optimal level. It safely and effectively removes the overgrown portion of the calluses so that they are brought down to an ideal level for workouts.

The w.o.d.welder Callus Shaver is specifically designed for the callus build up that athletes aqcuire during a regular workout routine. You need a callus remover routine is needed when they start to get round or form a white cap at the top.

The built-in safety guard keeps you from shaving too deep. The tool works just as well on the skin of your feet, so it is equally as useful for runners and cyclists.

How to Use a Callus Shaver:

You can use a callus shaver on either dry or wet skin. We recommend dry skin as it gives you more control over how much you shave off.

To start, gently apply pressure as you slowly drag this blade over the top of one of your calluses. Continue gently gliding it over the callus removing thin layers until it is level to the rest of your hand. This functional callus level helps to keep your hands safe, without allowing the calluses to get in the way of your workouts. Once finished with one callus, repeat this process other areas on your hands.

Some of the shaved off callus may build up in the blades. Gently tap the shaver on a hard surface to dislodge the dead skin from the blades as needed.

Once you have shaved off all overgrown calluses, you will need to rehydrate the skin. Dry skin is more prone to tears, so you’ll want to make sure you maintain moisture levels. The w.o.d.welder Callus Shaver Hand Care Kit includes the callus shaver and replacement blades as well as the Solid Salve and the Hands as RX Cream.

Right after shaving your calluses, you can put either the salve or the cream on the treated areas to reintroduce moisture. For any ripped or cut ski, the salve will speed up the recovery process, as it stimulates cell growth. On a regular basis, apply the cream to combat the drying effects of chalk and the friction of your hands against different workout equipment.

Replacing Callus Shaver Blades:

The w.o.d.welder Callus Shaver comes with 5 replacement stainless steel blades. Each last about 2-3 months with regular use so you’ll be set for the year. Replace every 2 to 3 months so that you are using a sharp blade.

Simply take the protective guard off the shaver, take out the old blade, and put in a replacement blade. Both sides of the blade are functional, so flip over the current blade in between replacing them. If you need Callus Shaver Replacement Blades, we have you covered!

Callus Shaving Frequency:

How often you need to shave down your calluses will vary from person to person. If you workout regularly, you can expect to repeat this hand care process once a week. Many people prefer using a pumice stone in addition to or instead of a callus shaver. By maintaining this routine, you’ll keep your calluses in top shape, and maximize your potential in the gym.