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How to Use a Pumice Stone

May 01, 2019

How To Use A Pumice Stone

Whether you’re a gymnast, rock climber, or dedicated crossfit athlete, callus care is key to keeping you in the gym and on top of your game. Calluses that aren’t properly taken care of can leave you with the dreaded hand rips, which will only keep you away from your workouts—and to top it off, they’ll probably put you in a good amount of pain.

Once you’ve developed your crossfit, rock climbing, or gymnastics calluses, you need to start implementing a consistent athlete hand care system. At the center of this routine is one of the most important steps: filing down your calluses. Calluses are important—they create friction and protect your hands. However, once they get too thick, they become more of a problem than a protective barrier, and can be much more prone to tears. By filing down your calluses so that they are in-line with your hands, you will reduce the risk of painful tears, and create a much more comfortable grip. They aren’t being removed, but simply filed down so they (and you) can function at their best.

Thankfully, taking care of your hands and calluses doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. A pumice stone is a popular and easy-to-use option that many people turn to for crossfit calluses as a part of their athlete hand care routine.

how to use a pumice stone in 3 easy steps

Pumice stones are formed when hot lava mixes with water and then hardens. This creates a rough, abrasive surface that is perfectly formed for getting rid of unnecessary dead skin in an effective but gentle way.

You’ll easily find a pumice stone in your local drugstore, but it is important to look for a high-quality option if you want to take care of your calluses in the best way possible. The w.o.d.welder Natural Pumice Stone is irregularly-shaped and much more porous than what you will find in the drugstore. That means they are more durable, can last longer, and are far more abrasive—so they are much more effective at sloughing off skin. Not to mention, the drugstore options are typically made with added synthetic ingredients that won’t do an extra good for your skin.

How to Use a Pumice Stone

Pumice stones work best on damp skin that has been softened by being soaked in water, so use your pumice stone in or right after you get out of the shower for the best results. You may also choose to instead soak your hands in warm water for at least 5 minutes to prepare the skin. You’ll know that your skin is in prime shape to be filed down when it feels soft to the touch and you see the white tips on top of the calluses.

Once your skin is ready, you can get to scrubbing. For someone who has never used a pumice stone as part of their athlete hand care routine, they might be a bit wary of the process, but don’t worry. Calluses are made of dead skin and don’t have any nerve endings, so the process doesn’t hurt.

Begin to gently rub the stone over the damp and soft calluses, moving the pumice stone in all directions to touch on each callus from every angle. Don’t worry about putting too much pressure into it. The top layer of skin on the calluses should begin to come right off with gentle pressure. If you need to, you can run the stone under water to get rid of some of the skin, and then continue filling away.

After going over all necessary areas of your hands, rinse them under clean water and take a look at your progress. At the end of the process, you should have calluses that are in-line with the rest of your hands, rather than overgrown. If there are still some thicker calluses, grab the pumice stone and continue working on your hands.

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Once your calluses are filled down to your satisfaction, dry your hands and apply a moisturizer to keep them well-hydrated and healthy. The Pumice Stone Hand Care Kit will give you all the necessary tools for a complete athlete hand care system, so that you can fully take care of crossfit calluses and any hand rips or abrasions that might come up. It includes a pumice stone, as well as the Hands as RX Cream, which you can apply to your hands daily to keep them moisturized and to strengthen the protective barrier. It also includes the Solid Salve, which helps to reduce inflammation and speed up the recovery time of torn calluses, or any other cuts or abrasions.

After you are done with your pumice stone, rinse off any leftover dead skin. You may need to lightly hit it against a hard surface to get any other clinging pieces out. You can even use a clean toothbrush to gently scrub the stone and remove any remaining dead skin. Use a bit of soap to get rid of any bacteria, and set it aside to dry.

How often you need to file down your calluses will vary from person to person, but generally you can repeat this process a few times a week in order to maintain your calluses at their optimal level. Implement the use of your pumice stone and hand moisturizer into your weekly routine, and you’ll have a simple to follow athlete hand care system that will keep your gymnastics, climbing, or crossfit calluses in top condition.