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Okay, I’ve Got a Rip. Now What?

May 15, 2018

what to do after you rip a callus

Your skin is just like your muscles in that it takes time to condition for success, and even then, injuries happen. Even weightlifters with years of calluses get rips sometimes. The great news is, you have an amazing body that will heal itself. The not-so-great news is that the healing will happen really slowly unless you help your body out.

Any type of injury can be very frustrating, and skin tears are no exception. They can be all the more irritating because they are so small and yet so impactful. Even if you’ve got superhuman pain tolerance and you decide to just push through, one little tear can give you an infection that fully halts your workouts. That is why you’ve got to be smart about how you handle your skin injury. At W.O.D. Welder, we’ve dealt with our share of skin rips, and our products are created just to prevent and treat them. Here are some tips we’ve learned that can speed up the healing process.

Okay, I’ve Got a Rip. Now What?

You don’t have to halt training the instant you get a rip. Instead, there are ways to get the tear healed (while still training).

What to do first…

When you get a tear in the skin of your hand, you’ll know it. Chances are good it will happen within a workout, and you’ll have a bloody palm. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Wash the tear out. Yes, we know, that’s the last thing you’ll want to do. However, this step is absolutely crucial. Wash the tear with soap and warm water, and if your gym is particularly grimy, put a little iodine on it as well.
  • Trim loose skin. The last thing you want is for your skin to rip further. If it appears the torn skin might catch and rip more in the future, use a pair of sterile scissors to trim it off. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with something more like a burst blister, consider leaving the loose skin to protect the healthy skin underneath it.
  • Keep the area moist. A dry tear will rip even further. Encourage quick healing and minimize your pain by applying our Solid Salve and Hands as Rx Cream. Use a bandage to keep the moisture in and ensure repairs happen.
  • Consider bagging it overnight. This go-to trick of many gymnasts can help you out! After applying moisturizer, wear plastic bags or gloves over your hands at night. Doing so keeps the moisturizer from getting on your bedding and makes sure your hands get the full benefit.

Invest in Hand Care As Tough As You Are

Making the most of your workouts is easier when your hands are up to the task. If you like to push your limits as much as we do ours, you need skin products that can keep up. Check out W.O.D. Welder's acclaimed skin care products and get what your hands need today!