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May 20, 2017

tips for using WOD Welder hand care

As athletes, we tend to focus on the well being of our muscles and bones. Our skin is just along for the ride, and as long as nothing gets majorly infected, it’s fine.

Unfortunately, that is no way to treat your skin, especially if you love sports with protective gear whose real job is to hold sweat, dirt, and bacteria against your skin. Our skin is our largest organ, and it valiantly puts up with a lot. The least we can do is give it a little TLC! The team at W.O.D. Welder is on a mission to make it simple for active people to take care of their skin, whether they are “active” because they run marathons, do CrossFit, or work construction.

When active people have skin issues, they’re usually serious. Why? Because we ignore them until they reach a really nasty point. You don’t want to be a wimp, right? A little pain is normal! However, too many people find themselves paying the price for trying to “push through.” It can be incredibly frustrating to find yourself unable to get a good workout in or perform well at work because of an issue with your skin. Not only that, skin infections and other issues can be very painful. Your best option is to keep these issues from happening in the first place. In this, our very first blog, we are going to discuss what you can do (and how we can help!).

Wash your clothes and gear!

Yes, we know that doing laundry isn’t top of your list when you return from a hard workout. It’s more likely you want to shed your smelly clothes/gear, take a shower, and eat or sleep. Or maybe, you keep your gear in a locker at the gym because taking it home is a pain. It doesn’t matter: you need to keep that stuff clean. You let clothes and gear get gross, and they cease to be your friend during a workout. Instead, they become traps full of constantly-multiplying germs just waiting for the chance to create a painful infection.

Don’t share razors.

...or towels. Yes, people do that sometimes. Just don’t! You should have your own towel, soap, razor, deodorant, and beyond. We can help you here: when you invest in our all-natural soap, you won’t want to share it with anyone, it’s so good.

Don’t skip a shower.

Some of us are more sensitive to sweat than others. By that, we mean that some of us think it’s fine to go a workout or three without showering. It isn’t. You need to clean up your whole body, not just put on more deodorant. If you do contact sports, especially martial arts, you should invest in an antimicrobial soap to keep the little nasties at bay.

Fight blisters and calluses.

Yes, blisters are pretty much part of the deal when you lift, do CrossFit, rock climb, or have a job that requires you to use your hands a lot. You may hope for calluses, but calluses actually aren’t your friend. Sure, they reduce pain, but when they have trouble, they can rip off and leave you wide open to infection.

W.O.D. Welder is here to stop the nasty callus pattern with our natural, non-greasy hand repair cream. We also offer callus razors to help you avoid getting cracked hands in the first place. Shop with us today!