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How to Care for Rope Burn

You can get rope burn while climbing or playing a random game of tug-of-war, but the most common culprits for rope burn can be found in the gym in the form of battle ropes. These extensions of twined, abrasive fibers are one of the oldest fitness tools, and they remain relevant today because you can attach them to a wall and wave them around for a workout unlike any other. Battle ropes deliver great results without requiring high impacts. There are dozens of exercises you can do with battle ropes, and each of them will strengthen every system and muscle in your body. We mentioned that battle ropes are low impact, and that’s true. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t...

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Prevent Rips During Deadlifts

If you’re looking for the quintessential weightlifting exercise, you don’t need to look any further than the deadlift. Though it gets some pretty stiff competition from the squat when it comes to being king of the lifts, the deadlift can’t be beaten when it comes to simultaneously building the upper and lower body. The deadlift is performed by grasping the free weight bar and straightening up until you’re in a standing position. It might be a simple concept, but if you’ve deadlifted before, you know that there are plenty of ways to get it wrong. Because deadlifting generally involves significant weight, mistakes can be costly. Learning how to do the perfect deadlift is a good use of effort, especially when...

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Okay, I’ve Got a Rip. Now What?

Your skin is just like your muscles in that it takes time to condition for success, and even then, injuries happen. Even weightlifters with years of calluses get rips sometimes. The great news is, you have an amazing body that will heal itself. The not-so-great news is that the healing will happen really slowly unless you help your body out. Any type of injury can be very frustrating, and skin tears are no exception. They can be all the more irritating because they are so small and yet so impactful. Even if you’ve got superhuman pain tolerance and you decide to just push through, one little tear can give you an infection that fully halts your workouts. That is why...

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Skin Tears: An Ounce of Prevention

If your daily grind doesn’t build callused hands, you aren’t alone. Many of us spend our days typing on keyboards and gripping steering wheels. However, whether your work toughens up your hands or not, there’s one place that always will: the gym. This is especially true if you spend a majority of your workouts using bars, kettlebells, or rowers. Gripping any bar pinches the skin on your palm and fingers, and the skin will start to build calluses. However, it’s common to suffer blisters and tears as well. Though many athletes display their bloodied, blistered, and torn palms with pride, the fact of the matter is, roughed-up skin is not your friend at the gym. In fact, you should do...

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Prepare for the Crossfit Open Workouts

The Open has begun!  

Check out our tips and tactics for approaching 2018's workouts. Good luck! 

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