About WOD Welder

Welcome to W.O.D. Welder!

As athletes, we tend to focus on the wellbeing of our muscles and bones. Our skin is just along for the ride, and as long as nothing gets majorly infected, it’s fine. Unfortunately, that is no way to treat your skin, especially if you love sports with protective gear whose real job is to hold sweat, dirt, and bacteria against your skin. Our skin is our largest organ, and it valiantly puts up with a lot. The least we can do is give it a little TLC! The team at W.O.D. Welder is on a mission to make it simple for active people to take care of their skin, whether they are “active” because they run marathons, do CrossFit, or...

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Our Humble Beginnings

We had to tear our hands so we could fix yours. Learn about our humble beginnings here.

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