Darian Sperry

Bio:  I am 21 years old from Huntington, WV, where I am the Lead Coach at Crossfit Huntington and where I am a full time student at Marshall University. I joined Crossfit almost four years ago after a series of health complications that I faced my Senior year of high school. I fell in love with Crossfit, health, nutrition, and fitness. Since then, I have competed in many competitions from the 2014 and 2015 Mid Atlantic and Atlantic Super Regional to the 2015 Granite Games Pro Division. I also compete in weightlifting as a 58 kg lifter. My main goal is to be a good role model through my actions and words as a competitive athlete, coach, friend, and family member. I want people to realize how hard work does pay off, and being rewarded for your hard work means so much more than having something given to you. I also love aiding in people's nutrition and personal training on the side. Crossfit allowed me to meet my future husband, find a passion that makes my quality of life better, and make so many great relationships with new friends.
Career/Lifetime Highlights:  In Crossfit, I have qualified and competed two years in a row as an Individual Regional athlete. The first year was the 2014 Mid Atlantic Regionals, and the second was the 2015 Atlantic Super Regionals. I had placed 10th in the Open in the Mid Atlantic in 2015. I placed 16th at my first Regionals in 2014, and an injury kept me from completing Regional weekend in 2015. I also qualified and competed in the Pro Division of the Granite Games in 2015. As far as the 2016 season goes, I placed 8th in the Open in the Mid Atlantic Region. Stay tuned for more on the rest of this season! Outside of Crossfit, I have competed locally and nationally in weightlifting. I got 7th at the American Open in 2014 as a 58 kg lifter. I did not do as much weightlifting in 2015, as I focused more on Crossfit. However, I plan to get back into weightlifting this summer while still competing in Crossfit. 
Age: 21
Height: 5'1
Weight: 128
Affiliate: Crossfit Huntington in Huntington, WV
Clean and Jerk: 230
Snatch: 190
Back Squat: 290
Favorite workout/WOD:
I love anything with heavy barbell work, gymnastics, or both! My favorite workout is probably Nasty Girls V2 from Regionals in 2014.
Your fave w.o.d.welder products:  I love the Muscle Recovery Bath Shots/Bath Bombs, On the Go Cleansing Wipes, Natural Bar Soap, as well as the Hand as RX Cream, Salve, and of course, the Lip Gainz Lip Balm. I use a variety of these products every single day, whether it is a training day or a rest day. The Muscle Recovery Bath Shots/Bath Bombs are perfect for maximizing your recovery and preparing for your next workout. The On the Go wipes are ideal for people with busy schedules, and they have made my life so much easier going from training to work to school every day. The Natural Bar Soap leaves your skin smelling and feeling incredible, as well as refreshed. I use the Hand as RX Cream and Salve every day, and my hands literally do not rip. I do not wear gloves when I do my barbell or gymnastics work, and I never have trouble with ripped skin anymore. I began working with w.o.d.welder almost two years ago. Since then I have only ripped one time, and it was healed within two days. I am also obsessed with lip balm, and w.o.d.welder has created the best quality and flavored lip balm.