James Townsend

James Townsend makes strong guys look, well, not so strong. The ridiculous amount of athletic ability in this mans body is going to be fun to watch as he strives to make his mark on the functional fitness world. Here's a peek of what he's already achieved:
-2x High School All American Wide Receiver at Holy Cross High School in NJ
-3×5 High School All American 100m Sprinter (10.28 100m 6th fastest in nation 2003)
-Full Scholarship to University of Iowa. Started as a freshman.  Played 2 yrs.
-Finished at Rutgers University. (4.30 40)
-Chicago Bears Free Agent Wide Receiver. (2008-2010) 
My passion: God and my family. What I do signifies the glory of God.  He gave me this gift to show the world and to be a blessing to all. I am a strong and bold family man. I love my wife and kids. They are the reason I'm the man I am today and will be in the future. 
Favorite Workouts:
-Speed Squats with bands or a tendo machine to determine my ascending speed from the bottom. Then transition to High box jumps.
-vertimax jumps
-Power Cleans!!! Power snatches!!!! paired with High box Jumps 
Goals: always looking to improve as a man of god, husband, father and friend, NPGL, CF GAMES and taking my brand to the next level.