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Wod & Done - Hygienic Single Use Hand Protection and Grips

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In our humble opinion nothing beats having your bare hand around a barbell, but for naturally soft skin a bare hand on a barbell can mean imminent injury. So what are you to do about it? Use a thin layer of protection that won't hinder your workout of course. Presenting the Wod & Done single use grip that will do just that. The Wod & Done grip is chalk and sweat friendly while providing a seamless skin tight bond with your hand. You might even forget it's there! 

How to use: 

     Step 1: Tear open and recycle the foil pouch that contains your grips.

It's up to you whether you want to recycle or not, we don't mean to be pushy.

     Step 2Tear through the backing paper at the finger holes and the tails of the grip.

This will allow you to begin placing your fingers in the holes and apply the grip. Once the top part of the backing paper is off you can discard it. 

     Step 3: Place your fingers in the holes with the adhesive sticking to the inside of your palm.

There are three holes in these grips, you can choose to go with a pinky, ring, and middle finger placement or a ring, middle, and pointer finger placement. Once you've chosen which fingers you want to place the grip around, wiggle the grips down and attach the adhesive on the backside of your fingers to the back of your hand. 

     Step 4: While extending your palm, remove the paper backing slowly and adhere the grip to your palm. Continue down the "tails" of the grip and fasten to your wrist.

 Pro tip: try not to stretch the material as you apply the adhesive to your palm. Doing so will decrease the mobility of your hand and compromise the effectiveness of the adhesive. You can wrap the "tails" around the backside of your wrist to anchor the grip or you can run them straight down onto your forearm and use additional tape for extra support. There are many ways to anchor the grip, play around with what works for you.

Available in Black, Yellow, and Pink. 


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