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Wod & Done Thumb Protection - 12 pack

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In a world where most of us have very little time to do the things we truly enjoy, why would you want to waste your precious moments cutting up a piece of tape for your thumb? Instead, use these perfectly designed strips of heavy duty tape to wrap your thumbs and get to work on dem gains. Each resealable package comes with twelve 6" x 2" thumb wraps made of highly durable and frighteningly sticky tape to keep your thumbs happy. 

How to use: 

     Step 1: Take one thumb wrap out of the package and create a crease on the backing paper.

     Step 2Take the smaller portion of backing paper off and apply to your thumb.

     Step 3: Wrap the rest of the tape around your thumb and remove the remaining backing paper as you go. Apply as loose or as tight as you want but don't cut of circulation to your thumb.

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