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Callus Shaver

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Whether you're a fitness athlete, a gymnast, a rock climber, or a weightlifter, your skin can end up taking quite a beating. Usually, it will protect itself by developing hard earned calluses. While these patches of thick, tough skin don't pose an immediate health concern, they can end up ripping away from the rest of your skin and causing significant setbacks when they are not taken care of. It's our job to keep you in the gym with a set of injury free hands, and we take our job VERY seriously.

Here are a few reasons why our callus shaver offers superior long-term support:

  • It is safe, effective and easy to use. You can shave your calluses when they are dry or wet (we prefer dry). When your callus starts to get rounded or form a white cap, simply drag the shaver across the overgrown part of your callus. Any piece of callus that is taken off can be knocked out of the shaver easily.
  • It’s great for hands and feet! No matter if you’re struggling with deep-rooted calluses on the balls of your feet or the spots between knuckles on your fingers, it will take care of every callus.
  • Blades don’t need to be replaced for 2-3 months, meaning you can use your hand callus remover over and over again without having to immediately replace a blade.
  • It features a safety guard to keep you from shaving too deep and hurting the soft, new skin underneath. Paired up with our Solid Salve and Hands as Rx Cream, the shaver keeps you working out and working hard without causing further damage.

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