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Natural Bar Soap - Coffee

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Lather up and lift your mood with our Coffee soap. Super-infused with ground coffee and coffee essential oil, the caffeinated suds will help stimulate cell renewal, leaving a healthy glow. Made with naturally moisturizing olive and coconut oils, this handmade coffee soap is perfect for a post workout or early morning wake-up. For those that like to take everything to the next level, try having a cup of coffee in the shower while showering with our Coffee soap...then post it on Insta and tag us (no nudity please).

The ground coffee that we infuse into this delectable bar soap acts as a natural exfoliate. The sensation of the grounds can be compared to that of a scrub; they help to remove dead skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and new as you step out of the shower. We sourced nothing but the highest quality of coffee essential oils for this bar. The only way to get a more natural coffee experience would be to bathe in Arabica plants themselves.

How to use: 
1.) Take soap out of box. 
2.) Use soap on entire body.
3.) Place soap back where you keep it in your shower.
4.) Have the best day ever.

Use daily for body, face, hands.

Member Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild

Formulated with all natural ingredients: Saponified olive and coconut oil, shea butter, ground coffee, coffee essential and fragrance oils.