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Rope Burn Treatment & Hand Care Kit

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Rope burns are a pain, treat them fast so that you can get on with your life and your training!  We put our best natural ingredient skin repairing products together to create the ultimate rope burn repair kit.

Included in our rope burn treatment kit is our antibacterial bar soap to clean your rope burn, our Salve to heal the irritated skin, and our non-greasy skin cream to hydrate the affected area and provide added healing support.  

Steps To Healing Your Rope Burn:

1. Clean your rope burn with a gentle antibacterial soap.
The soap included in this kit is a natural cold processed soap devoid of any harmful chemicals and is completely safe for burns. It also contains comfrey root, a natural anti-inflammatory and cell regenerating compound that will jump-start the healing process as you wash any debris away from your burn.

2. Apply a healing salve. 
Our Solid Salve included in this kit has been healing skin for years. It's natural beeswax and lanolin base begins to regenerate skin immediately while allowing air to pass through to the wound helping to promote healing. No petroleum, easy to use, and immediately effective. Apply the salve as often as possible to continually promote healing until the burn begins to scab.

3. Continue treating the area upon scabbing and after scabbing disappears.
This is important! The salve helps get you to the scabbing period, and then our intensive cream will continue to promote skin healing and health. Once your burn begins to scab, switch from the salve to applying skin cream to the scab as often as you see fit. This will keep the scab moisturized and to continue to promote cell regeneration. 

These three products are available individually but are bundled in this kit for you to save some money.  We highly recommend the bundle as they are incredibly useful for all around hand and skin care.

* For extremely serious burns natural remedies may not cut it. Use your discretion when treating your burn and consult a doctor if you have excessive bleeding, large wounds, etc. 

Save 10% as a bundle.