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Odor Crusher Scented Sachets - 3 Pack

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The only thing better than keeping your gear smelling fresh for 3 months is keeping it smelling fresh for 9 months! 

We've conveniently bundled three 3-packs of our odor crusher sachets for a total of NINE individual odor eliminating pouches ready to go to war on your smelly gear. Each three pack is shipped in a resealable plastic baggie to lock in the odor fighting power until you need it. With all this odor eliminating power, we recommend taking one three pack and tossing a pouch in each of your most smelly shoes and then one more pouch in your gym bag. Replenish as necessary. 

A $23.97 Value - Save over 10%

Pro tip: Placing a sachet underneath a car seat or on the dash of a car above one of the vents will make your whole car smell like a spa. Prepare to have your sinuses cleared. 


  • Natural, corn-based filler absorbs moisture and extracts odors.
  • Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils squash the stink and provide natural antibacterial and anti-fungal action.