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Natural Bar Soap Sampler - 6 Unique Scents

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We know what you're thinking, that it's overwhelming trying to choose from all of our great natural soap bars. Well we're here to make it easy for you with our soap sampler. Receive each of our 6 bar soaps with a special 10% off discount. Figure out what works for you and come back to our store with a clear mind and a great smelling body. End up loving all of them? This sampler isn't going anywhere. 

Included Products:

  • 1 Peppermint/Eucalyptus Soap Bar - Our original extra large soap bar. True aromatherapy in the shower, turn your bathroom into a spa.
  • 1 Coffee Soap Bar - As fragrant as it is effective, this soap bar contains actual coffee grounds to exfoliate skin while bathing.
  • 1 Vanilla Oatmeal Soap Bar - Vanilla sticks? Cookies? Nope, soap. Smells as good as it sounds.
  • 1 Green Tea Soap Bar - Relax in your shower with this incredibly clean fragrance that will transport you from shower time to tea time.
  • 1 Lemon Lavender Soap Bar - Zestfully soothing.
  • 1 Woodsman Soap Bar - A fragrant reminder of the forest. Go into the shower a dirty mess, come out a clean lumberjack. 

A $44.94 value - Save $4.94!