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Natural Anti-Chafe - Prevent Skin Irritation

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Dare we say that we've done it again?...we do. Introducing the world's first silicone free roll-on anti chafe. 

The function of an anti chafe is self explanatory, but we felt like our thighs, arms, and butts deserved something better. We set out to create a liquid formula that performed as well as a silicone based product, but contained no silicone at all. Voila. Our anti chafe includes a number of natural ingredients including meadowfoam oil and an emollient of olive oil that provide the same protective barrier on skin that silicone would. 

To sweeten the deal, this product contains trace amounts of peppermint oil to cool skin in our hottest of places. The peppermint oil also provides a natural antibacterial function. To paint a picture of how this product smells, think of "sweet mint". 

How to use: 
1.) Twist off the cap.
2.) Apply roll on applicator to any area of the body that becomes irritated due to friction. AKA where you chafe. 
3.) Put the cap back on and go about your biz. 

This 1.69oz roll on tube is meant to last. Being a liquid formula, not much product is needed at a time to cover a large area of skin. We recommend testing in a small area to see how much you need and then applying more until you are satisfied with your coverage. 



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