About Us

Torn Hands - that's how we got started. 

We started w.o.d.welder as a result of being fed up with our own torn hands. Every time after an intense few days of workouts, our hands were torn to pieces, which made us frustrated and prevented us from completing our workouts. In an effort to try and fix our ripped hands, we sampled a traditional salve from a local company. Once we realized that our skin was mending overnight, we asked them to work on a custom version specifically for athletes.

After several months of trial and error and multiple experiments, we finally concocted an awesome formula that provided our painful hands with the best hand relief a body could ask for. Knowing that we’d hit a goldmine here, we gave prototypes to our fellow gym goers and watched as their callus tears heal quickly and neatly. What gave us even more faith in the magic formula was that after regularly using it, their hands no longer tore even after intense training. From this experimentation and proven success, our product was born.

Three years later, you can now find our awesome non-greasy hand lotion in stores and boxes all around the world. Thanks to our brilliant customers and the astounding response from the fitness community, we’ve been able to spread the love of quality hand care to thousands of athletes as well as expand the w.o.d.welder product line to include fitness essentials for all types of athletes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to browse our products – we really hope they can help you push on with your workouts no matter how hard you work. Hand injuries can start to become a thing of the past as we begin to make your fitness routines more enjoyable and safe.

We are athletes through and through; heart and mind. We work hard every day to make our hand repair cream and skin products better and stronger (like we do our muscles too!) and filter this philosophy into our company and hand repair products.

- The w.o.d.welder Crew