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Hand and Skin Care as Tough as You Are

Hydration is key

For most of us, drinking coffee, juice, soda, and alcohol is easier than drinking water. This is ironic because these easy-to-drink beverages aren’t good for us. They inject a bunch of sugar into our systems and can actually dehydrate us. If you find you’re feeling particularly awful during your workouts and you tend to favor unhealthy drinks, you may be just a few glasses of water away from a completely different experience. Water not only helps your body handle workouts better, it can improve your skin, bowel movements, and overall health. Drink a lot of water, and you won’t regret it.

Remember to warm up

CrossFit workouts are difficult. Investing time and energy into a warmup can seem time-consuming and wasteful when you have an intense workout ahead of you. However, feeling a little burn before you dive into your workout is important. Your muscles are going to have to endure a lot, so give them what they need to perform well.

Focus on the fundamentals

When you’re mid-exercise and there’s still time on the clock, your body will likely be screaming at you to loosen your form. In these moments, it’s important to forget the whiteboard and focus on your technique. When you stick to proper form, you avoid injury. Even more than that, good form saves you energy by maintaining the efficiency of movement. It may not feel like it, but it’s true.

Fuel yourself correctly

CrossFit isn’t a light workout. Your body should be pushed to its limits every time you visit the box. Do your best to pursue nutritious fuel for your body. We’re talking about whole foods, a lot of protein, and “cheat” foods in moderation. You don’t have to be the ultimate health food guru to be successful; do whatever you can to eat healthily, and you’ll see the difference.

Support your peers

You know how the most important aspect of a job is the people you work with? When you like your peers, it makes everything easier. Working out is the same. While it can be tempting to just get through your workout, pick up your equipment, and go home, don’t miss opportunities to encourage those around you. We all have bad workouts and rough days, and when you see someone struggling, take a few seconds to support them.



Invest time in mobility

Stretching and maintaining mobility is key to avoiding injury, but it takes some time. You have to be able to settle into stretches for a while in order to get the most benefits. Chances are good you won’t get the best stretching into your one-hour class, so make a personal habit of stretching either at home or the box.

Don’t linger

Workouts can tap into your obsessive side, besieging you with a swarm of “shoulda, coulda, woulda.” These thoughts are useless. The workout changes every day, and you won’t get anywhere by lingering too long. Learn what you can from the day’s workout and then move on. Every single athlete has strengths and weaknesses, and dwelling on either is not to your advantage.

A foam roller is your friend

Pain may be weakness leaving the body, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a little TLC. We all have trouble spots, and rolling yours out after a WOD will make it that much easier to tackle the next workout. The pain you feel while rolling out a stubborn muscle will pay off in relief later.

Focus on having fun

People do CrossFit for many different reasons. Whether you’ve got your eye on competition, weight loss, or overall health, don’t lose the sense of fun. The WOD can be an indulgent opportunity to escape the stresses of daily life. If CrossFit starts to become a negative burden, it may be time to step back and assess the situation.

Take care of your hands and skin

In the quest to strengthen your muscles, your skin can get pretty ripped up. Your muscles don’t care, and you don’t want to quit making progress, but you can’t just ignore irritated and ripping calluses in hopes they will go away. Taking care of your skin, especially your hands, is like making sure the headlights on your car work: it just needs to be done.

Let Us Help

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CrossFit is all about making your body the best it can be, so it makes sense that there would be celebrations of what all those WODs can do. That celebration is called the CrossFit Games, and it has happened every summer since 2007. Whether you’re interested in competing or not, it’s a great event to come together as a fitness community and enjoy what we have accomplished together. We want to take some time and talk through this one-of-a-kind event.

History of the CrossFit Games

The very first CrossFit Games happened in 2007 on a ranch owned by Dave Castro, the director of CrossFit. In both 2007 and 2008, anyone who could make it to the ranch was able to participate. However, because over 100 athletes showed up in 2008, competitors had to qualify. The team-based events were also added, allowing for more participation and new challenges.

Because interest in the event just got stronger, the Games moved to the Home Depot Center in Carson, California and eventually moved to the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin in 2017.

How Qualification Works

Are you considering participation in the CrossFit Games? Things have come a long way from 2007 when all you had to do was show up. Here is the current path with several stages:

Stage 1: The Open

This first stage of the CrossFit Games is the biggest community event of the year. Hundreds of thousands of athletes get to participate in this competition, which takes place online over five weeks. Each week, a workout is submitted, and participating athletes have four days to perform the workout for a judge or film the workout and submit it as proof of their score. Because each workout is offered both scaled and Rx’d, maximum participation is allowed. This is a great chance to compare how you’re doing compared to other athletes around the world. You can find dates specific to the year online.

At the end of The Open, the fittest athletes move on to the Online Qualifier and Regionals.



Stage 2: The Online Qualifier & Regionals

Two-hundred masters and teenagers from each division get to compete in the online competition, which lasts four days. It works similarly to the open and determines the 20 most fit masters and teenagers who get to compete in the Games in Wisconsin.

Stage 3: The CrossFit Games

This event will be held at the Alliant Energy Center in Wisconsin. The events aren’t revealed until days or minutes before they occur, allowing for a level playing field. If you want to learn this year’s dates, you can find them here.

We Can Help You Get to the Games

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Whether you’re headed into the holidays or an athletic buddy has a birthday coming up, ti can be difficult to figure out what to get. You don’t want to give a gift that will end up gathering dust. Instead, you need to give a gift that will be useful from day one. Today, we want to explore some of the options you can consider when doing your gift shopping.

We hope these options at least get you started on your quest for the perfect gift!

Healthy Meal Subscription

Life is busy, and eating healthy while juggling everything is a formidable challenge. Take the burden of meal planning and grocery shopping by purchasing a subscription to a healthy meal kit service. There are several different great options, including HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Sun Basket, and beyond. You can customize these services according to your friend’s dietary needs, showing your friend how much you care.

Mobility Equipment

Staying fit in a healthy manner requires time put in outside the gym. Stretches, rollers, and lacrosse balls can make a huge difference in preventing injury and enhancing comfort. Give your friend the gift of mobility by buying him or her some stretch bands, foam roller, or lacrosse balls.

New Shoes

Everyone likes different types of shoes, but chances are good you know your friend’s favorite brand and model. If those shoes are wearing out, you can make a big difference by purchasing your friend some high-quality shoes. If your friend’s shoes are outdated or not designed for excelling at CrossFit, you can buy them flatter shoes that can handle rope climbs, sprints, and beyond without trouble.




Let’s face it: staying fit can be expensive sometimes. We have noticed that people can be hesitant to invest in supplements for themselves. However, supplements can make that little difference that matters so much. Studies have shown that great supplements actually can take a workout to the next level. Do some research on the best supplementation for your friend’s favorite fitness activity and invest in some on your friend’s behalf.

W.O.D. Welder Natural Skin Care Products

CrossFit athletes all face the same obstacles: odor and skin care struggles. Our hands take an especially hard beating. W.O.D. Welder’s skin care and odor solutions have been nationally recognized for their excellence and effectiveness. We even offer gift baskets that provide the best of all of our products.

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Discomfort is integral to fitness, and CrossFit definitely takes that discomfort to the next level. It is normal to come to the end of a tough workout and have everyone just lying on the floor in pain. The mystery here is figuring out what is injury pain and what is a beneficial pain.

The CrossFit system can make it easy to get tunnel vision on beating your own record or those around you. While this motivation has its place, it isn’t very good for long-term health because it drives people straight into injury. Achievement should never come before your health, and while it’s good to be sore, that is different from being in pain. Pain is usually is your body’s way of warning you that an injury is around the corner.

The Difference Between Soreness and Pain

Being sore means you’re building strength. Being in pain means you’re hurt. But how do you tell the difference? Read on to learn some pointers.

What does soreness feel like?

  • It shows up most strongly when moving or exercising.
  • It takes 24-48 hours to show up.
  • It encompasses a large area and cannot be pinpointed.
  • It is generally symmetrical (i.e. both arms or both legs)


What does injury pain feel like?

  • It sticks around for more than three days.
  • You can feel it when you aren’t moving.
  • It affects your range of motion.
  • You can target it to a specific location in a muscle or joint.

If you want any sort of longevity in CrossFit, you need to know the difference between muscle soreness and injury pain. Not only that, failing to handle an incoming injury correctly can have you unable to work out for six to eight weeks rather than a few days.

Turn to W.O.D. Welder

Another important part of longevity in CrossFit is taking care of your skin, especially your hands. Our hands take a hard beating, and the calluses that build up can end up tearing and creating worse problems. Invest in our hand care kits, soap, and odor solutions today! You can rest assured that you are getting the very best products available - we aren’t a Men’s Fitness favorite for no reason!