How to use w.o.d.welder

It only took our hands getting torn one time before we decided to do something about it.
Really. What's the point of having the
perfect deadlift 
if you can't hold the bar?
Torn hands are injured hands, not badges of honor. Keep them healthy so you can stay in the game. Start by showing your calluses some TLC. Calluses are proof of your hard work, but if you don't keep them uniform and hydrated, the thick parts can break down from high repetitions on the rings, the bar, or bells-- where skin gets a grinding from friction--and eventually you get tears and rips, leaving you with bloody, painful useless hands. 
The w.o.d.welder Handcare for Athletes system is simple.  
Apply our easy push-up Solid Salve directly to your calluses anytime, anywhere.
Sand down your calluses to a functional level with our natural Pumice Stone. 
Apply Hands as Rx Cream daily to keep those mits silky smooth. 
Want to be a hand model? Do it twice. 

  • Step 1 » Daily Pumice Action
    Calluses rip because they are tough and thick, creating friction on any equipment you are dominating. Use our all natural pumice stone daily to groom them. Sand them down and keep them low.
  • Step 2 » Hydrate your Calluses
    Use w.o.d.welder salve on your calluses, ridges or blisters on your hands. It hydrates them and helps keep them smooth and even, which helps prevent torn hands from endless muscle ups and too much time on the bar. If you're already ripped, apply salve directly to help speed repair. The natural active ingredients start the healing process immediately. You will be amazed how improved your hands are within 24 hours.
  • Step 3 » Condition Skin with Hands as Rx Cream
    Use our Hands as Rx cream daily to block the drying effects of chalk, and to keep your palms supple and smooth. The formula aids wound healing and healthy tissue formation. Absorbs fast and leaves a cooling peppermint eucalyptus scent.
  • The Reward
    Functioning hands with uniform calluses
    No more rips, no more tears, no more painful showers
    Lift more, climb higher, swing more bells, do more pull ups, be faster, row stronger
    No more missed days
    And It won't hurt to clap