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w.o.d.welder and LinderKids Partnership

LinderKids is inspired by and derived from the upbringing of their founder, Ashley Linder. Ashley entered into the foster system in San Diego County at the age of nine along with her brother to escape an abusive and neglectful home. Throughout her time in foster care, she bounced between five different homes and more schools than she can remember. As you can imagine, this routine can leave many children feeling weary and victimized. Fortunately, Ashley was able to participate in extracurricular activities as well as be involved in volunteer and community outreach opportunities. Being wise beyond her years, Ashley made the conscious decision to take advantage of what these opportunities had to offer and realized the positive impact they were making on her life that was otherwise in limbo.

Upon deciding to move back to sunny San Diego, Ashley felt she wanted to give back to the foster community and wanted to use CrossFit as a vehicle to do so. Ultimately modeling her business plan after her own personal experiences through foster care and fitness, she road tripped across the country with ideas tumbling around and by the time she reached California, LinderKids was born.

Today, LinderKids works to give foster children all around America the safe, healthy, and most importantly, fun outlet of fitness that every child deserves. They work to help them manifest their own life of success and happiness.

Because w.o.d.welder believes fully in the power of community and is invested in the future of children across the world, a portion of our "Hero Jar" sales goes directly to LinderKids to help them maintain and create a better life for underprivileged youth. 

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