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Logan Griffith

I am a young Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting athlete out of Virginia that goes to Crossfit Takeover. From a young age ( Well...younger than I am now ) I have always had an interest in Fitness and the ability to apply it to the real world. I found Crossfit 1 year ago that ultimately led me to the Olympic Lifts. At the beginning of my true fitness journey I achieved an 8 minute Fran, one of the most notorious workouts in Crossfit. My 65lb C+J and 45lb Snatch have also both skyrocketed and continue to grow today. My passion is driven by my family, friends, coaches, and the people that have impacted my life even with something as small as an encouraging comment on social media. I believe that if you have to say you work hard, you haven't been working hard enough for people to know that already.
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