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Bulking season just got a whole lot easier with the help of our Natural Muscle Rub. Check it out in Men's Journal magazine's The Best Gym Gear You Need To Bulk Up For Winter - Men's Journal, 11.26.2018

We're serious about the ingredients that find their way into our products. Our Natural Bar Soap For Recovery saw Paleo fame when it was mentioned in Paleo Magazine, 12.28.2015

It's no secret that our products make excellent gifts during the holiday season. Our Hand Care Kit For Calluses made BOXROX's The 2016 Christmas Gift Guide - BOXROX, 11.1.2016

Our best selling Hands as Rx Cream made a splash in BOXROX's 5 Universal Hand Care Tips All Crossfitters Need To Know - BOXROX, 6.12.2016

One of our proudest moments to date was when our Salve For Fixing Callus Tears was featured in The Best Crossfit Training and Recovery Gear of 2017 - Men's Journal, 8.16.2017

We get it, Pumice Stone's aren't for everyone so we created our Callus Shaver Hand Care Kit. Turns out you guys like this kit so much that it made Men's Fitness's The Best Gifts for Die-Hard Crossfitters: Holiday 2017 - Men's Fitness, 11.20.2017

Doing gymnastics as a kid helped our owner stay strong and flexible and it is where a healthy respect for calluses started. So we sat down with Vinnie from Gym Blog Central to discuss gymnastics and hand care - Gym Blog Central, 4.25.2019

It's no secret that Crossfit has the ability to tear up your hands; heck that's why we started this business. Treat your hands right with The Best Crossfit Skin Care Practices To Keep Your Hands In Top Shape - WOD Time Calculator, 4.30.2019

Barbells aren't the only way to ruin your hands. We help to heal torn calluses from rock climbing with our Natural Salve and Non-Greasy Hand Cream. So much so that the ladies at Crux Crush included us their review of Salves For Sore Hands - Crux Crush, 2.11.2016

Your calluses need to be constantly maintained to stay healthy. Kasey from POWERCAKES realized this and offered to review our products. Check our her review of our Natural Hand Care items and Soaps - POWERCAKES, 2.5.2016

Chris from ifailedfran was nice enough to review our Pumice Stone Hand Care Kit back in 2014. Check it out - ifailedfran, 11.29.2014

Dealing with ripped calluses doesn't have to be difficult, and neither does keeping your gym bag smelling fresh. In fact it's easy with our Salve For Ripped Hands and our Odor Eliminators For Gym Bags. Read KH Nutrition's post Keeping Your Hands As RX - KHnutrition, 3.7.2016

Back when we marketed our Recovery Bar Soap as Paleo, Breaking Muscle brought it in the shower with them. Check out A Stink Solution For All Kinds Of Athletes - Breaking Muscle, Date Unknown

Wod Welder uses a three step approach, which makes the process of maintaining calluses extremely effective and addresses all callus concerns - Boxletes, Date Unknown

Hand Care isn't just for Crossfitters, the WOD Welder system is used by gymnastics athletes all over the world. Justifying Fun gives us their two cents in The Best Gymnastics Hand Care Kits - Rip Balms Reviewed - Justifying Fun, 10.20.2018

Thanks to W.O.D. Welder’s line-up of Hand Care, it’s never been easier to prevent and bounce back from rips - As Many Reviews As Possible, 3.14.2015

The Pumice Stone in the Kit is awesome, really exfoliates, better than any pumice I have ever used - Seal Grinder PT, 4.1.2014

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