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Wholesale FAQ

Terms & Conditions

Q: Do you have a minimum order amount? 
Yes. Our minimum order quantity or MOQ is $200 USD worth of product. Shipping does not contribute towards the MOQ amount. 

Q: Do you have a distributor program?
Current distributor relationships are monitored on a case by case basis. Contact if you have further questions. 

Q: Do you offer standard terms?
Our standard terms are NET0. We charge or bill when a shipment is ready to leave our warehouse. Upon successful processing of your payment your shipment is released. Terms longer than NET0 are negotiated on a per customer basis and initiated by a w.o.d.welder sales associate. You will be told if you qualify for longer than NET0 terms when you apply as a reseller.  

Q: Do you have a MAP Policy?
Yes we do. To view our U.S. MAP Policy click HERE. Feel free to ask your sales rep about anything in regards to retailing our products. For international customers, ask your sales rep if there is a MAP Policy for your region or country. 

Q: Who reports price violations?
Price violations are reported by authorized resellers.  


Q: What is your most popular item? 
Our most popular product line is our hand care line. Within that line our Pumice Stone Hand Care Kit is the post popular product. View it HERE.

Q: Do you offer refunds for unsold inventory? 
No. We do not refund unsold inventory.

Q: Can I bundle products? 
Yes. We do allow product bundling in order to create unique packages for your customers. Guidelines are as follows: The product bundle total cannot be sold or advertised for greater than 15% off the highest priced item in the bundle.

Product A - $14.95
Product B - $29.95

Your bundle advertisement and price: "A $44.90 value for only $41!"

This bundle is in cooperation with our bundle rules as the discount is not greater than 15% of the highest priced item in the bundle. 

$29.95 x 15% = $4.49. $44.90 - $4.49 = $40.41 (the lowest price allowable for this bundle) 

Q: Didn't find the answer to your question? 
We're happy to help. Email us at