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WODROD Hand Care Kit

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Hey! We no longer carry this product, instead check out our new and improved callus sanding tool


The home of the 3-step hand care kit just got a little funkier. By now you should know how important callus maintenance is, so here we are AGAIN with another way to keep your hands healthy. The same salve and cream that you know and love come together with a new callus sanding tool called the WODROD. Durable and effective, the WODROD can be used on hands, feet, or any rough area of the body that could use some "buffing". 

How to use: 

     Step 1: Solid Salve for fixing ripped hands and damaged skin.

This loonnggg lasting salve was created by us here at w.o.d.welder to rapidly speed the healing process of torn calluses, deadlift shins, cuts and abrasions. Every ingredient from the beeswax base to the eucalyptus oil was carefully thought out with one thing in mind - healing that bod of yours. Use this Salve on wounded areas of skin that have been cleaned with antibacterial soap. Apply liberally and often for best results. Just twist off the cap, push up from the bottom of the tube and apply. For the complete breakdown of how awesome our Salve is click HERE.

     Step 2: Maintain your calluses by sanding them down with the WODROD.

You guys know the deal right? Any form of repeated friction over an area of skin starts to create a callus. This is your body's way of protecting itself against a perceived threat to your health. For us folks who like to lift dem weights and get dem gainz, overgrown calluses start to become a risk for injury by way of callus tears. Not good. The WODROD takes care of one of the most important parts of healthy hands and that is keeping your calluses at a functional level. Rub the WODROD back and forth over your calluses to sand them down to a level that matches the rest of your hand. Any dead skin picked up by the WODROD can be brushed off. For the All-Star description on how to use this tool click HERE

     Step 3: Hands as Rx Cream for daily conditioning.

Your hands go through it all on a day to day basis. Everything you touch zaps moisture from your skin and weakens the protective barrier your body works so hard to create. Add in the use of chalk and constant friction your hands endure in the gym and it's no wonder our skin cracks and our calluses give in. We created our intensive, non-greasy hand cream to combat the drying effects of chalk and barbells so that your hands stay hydrated and flexible, preventing rips and keeping damage at bay. We recommend using this product AT LEAST once a day, before bed is ideal to allow your hands a full nights recovery. For those who have dry skin to begin with or want superbly awesome skin, use this cream morning and night. Read why our cream is so awesome for your whole body: HERE.


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The #1 choice of for Rowers, Powerlifters, Gymnasts, Strongmen, Fitness Athletes and all other callused exercisers to maintain and repair hands.

Member Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild. Gluten-free products. Not animal tested.

Kit contains: 

1oz push-up tube of w.o.d.welder salve
2oz jar of w.o.d.welder extreme cream