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Odor Crusher Gift Basket

We're going to guess that whoever is looking at this gift basket is either very self aware or suffering from mylovesmellsbadicitis. Bravo to you either way for taking a stand, we're here to help. This basket is packed with two each of our odor crusher sachets and small odor crusher sprays. Each sachet pack has three individual sachets inside to throw in your shoes, gym bag, car etc. Use the spray on things that get sweaty like knee sleeves, car seats, and teenage boys. 

You SAVE over 10% on these products with the purchase of this basket.

This gift arrives filled with all these great products in a neatly shrink wrapped basket.

Included Products:

  • 2 Small Odor Crusher Sprays - Gentle on skin and fabric this natural spray extracts odors and leaves behind the sweet smell of nothing.
  • 2 Odor Crusher Sachets - Pop one in your sock drawer, gym bag, shoes after a workout, or your kids backpack. Each sachet provides a refreshing peppermint/eucalyptus scent that lasts up to 4 weeks.

A $34.96 Value - Save $3.96!