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Odor Crusher Spray & Refill Set

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We love removing stink from smelly gear but you know what we love even more? Reducing our ecological footprint. When you purchase our Odor Crusher Spray and Refill set you receive both our 9.25oz travel gear spray as well as our 26.5oz trigger sprayer AND a 1 gallon refill. Keep the small spray in your gym bag and the large spray at your home along with your gallon refill so you can replenish as needed. 

Run out of spray? Keep your small and large spray bottles and replenish the gallon refill as necessary. This helps to reduce the amount of plastic we put out into the world and you save money in the process! 

Set contains:
- 1 9.25oz Odor Crusher Spray
- 1 26.5oz Odor Crusher Spray
- 1 Gallon Odor Crusher Spray Refill

This set has a $68.97 value - you save $6.97