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Solid Salve - Repair Torn Calluses and Damaged Skin

One of the key pieces of our famous 3-step hand care kit is our Solid Salve. In fact, you are looking at Step 1. We realized in order to maintain healthy skin, FIRST we would need to heal it. The unique blend of natural ingredients in our salve are specifically formulated to do just that. Whether you have a ripped callus from CrossFit, deadlift shins from Powerlifting, cracks everywhere from Gymnastics, or a hangnail; use this product to help reduce inflammation and mend your skin back together. We promise that your healing time will be cut in half, we've seen it happen over 50,000 times.

We certainly could have stopped there; creating an easy to use, EFFECTIVE skin care salve that can handle pretty much everything you throw at it..but we didn't. We saw that salves in the marketplace were all made in round tins. Tins that you needed to use TWO hands to apply. You already know the answer to this, but we didn't settle for a messy round tin. Our push-up container allows the user to apply the product directly to the intended area without ever even touching the salve itself - "how 'bout dah?". To round this product out that was named one of the BEST CROSSFIT TRAINING PRODUCTS of 2017, we left out all the nasty stuff you'll find in other salves. In other words - no petroleum jelly, alcohols that dry out skin, or harmful agents to make the product last longer. 

How to use: 
1.) Brag to all your friends about your new skin care product.
2.) Twist the cap off of the w.o.d.welder salve and take a whiff of the perfectly blended peppermint and eucalyptus oils.
3.) Push up from the bottom of the tube with any one of your fingers, revealing the top of the salve.
4.) Apply the salve directly on the area of skin that needs healing. 
5.) Put the cap back on and monitor the healing of your wound. 
6.) Re-apply the salve as often as you see fit. For new injuries/rips, try to keep a thin layer of this salve on the affected area at all times. The more you apply, the faster you will heal. 


The formula contains:
- Lanolin, which holds and attracts moisture to the skin while still allowing it to breath.
- Beeswax, an age-old natural antibacterial which helps with cell regeneration.
- Aloe Butter, an anti-inflammatory, natural pain reliever, and a skin soother.
- Shea Butter which helps skin to regenerate quickly.
- Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils smell great and are naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.
- Phoenix tears. The magical ingredient in our salve is commonly referred to as something that is sourced from Unicorns. Those rumors couldn't be further from the truth. Have you seen Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix? Guess where they rented the Phoenix from...
Oh and his name isn't Fawkes, it's Larry.  

Keep a stick in your gym bag, in your car, on your nightstand, and apply frequently when your skin feels dry or damaged. Already have rips? Wash skin and apply Solid Salve liberally, and often. With the w.o.d.welder Salve, you will see healing start within 24 hours. Use it and get back to your workout more quickly. Pro Tip: This product is a perfect alternative to bacitracin, use it on your new tats.

By the way, this easy to use push-up tube lasts forever. The size of this product is 1 full ounce. It's not uncommon to have a salve for multiple years. 

The #1 choice of for Rowers, Powerlifters, Gymnasts, Strongmen, CrossFit Athletes and all other callused exercisers to repair damaged skin.

Member Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild. Not animal tested. Gluten Free.

Olive Oil, Beeswax, Lanolin, Shea Butter, Aloe Butter, Peppermint and Eucalyptus Essential Oils

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